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The Black Spider
Completed (2019)


A true story.

An ordinary working class boy, like all his peers, LEV YASHIN played football day and night and dreamed of being a striker. But no matter which team he played for - in the yard, at the factory, or in the army - he was inevitably put in goal.

In the beginning there were annoying errors and mistakes which sent Yashin to the reserves for a full three years to hone his skills.  But he inexorably followed his own path and remained true to his style of play, which later would be called innovative and ahead of his time and eventually made him a world-class star. 

He became the idol of millions of Soviet fans who worshiped him... but when you are at the top, the only way is down and at the World Championship in Chile, he let in a goal that led to his team’s defeat. He alone was blamed for this 'disaster' and his life began to turn into a nightmare. He had to leave, for him there was no place in the team. And there was no one to protect him - he was ‘done’...

But in true sportsman style , hard work and self belief, he later returned triumphantly and became the best once again, not only in his country, but in the whole world - the only goalkeeper in the history of football to receive the Ballon d'Or award.

Director: Vasiliy Chiginskiy

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