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A Brixton Tale
Completed (2021)

A Brixton Tale (2021)

Benji is a seemingly street-wise boy from the infamous Somerleyton Estate in Brixton, London. He spends his days keeping his troubled best friend Arch out of trouble. Leah is a wealthy young YouTuber, obsessed with street culture. They fall in love, but when they tempt each other into increasingly reckless behaviour for the sake of a  documentary she is making, they blur the lines between image and reality, between collaboration and exploitation, and their lives spiral out of control with terrifying and disastrous results..


Lily Newmark (Sex Education, Misbehaviour)

Jaime Winstone (Dead SetMade In Dagenham)

Barney Harris (Billionaire Boy's Club, Billy Lynn's Long Half-time Walk)

Craige Middleburg (Eastenders)

Directors: Darragh Carey and Bertrand Desrochers



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