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Love Me Do
Completed (2015)

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LOVE ME DO is a stylish, taut London-based thriller. It explores the dark undercurrents of a romantic relationship between city-trader Antonia and Max, an out-of-work actor. As each battles private demons, the insular relationship becomes increasingly distorted, resulting in a lethal cocktail of resentment, paranoia, and misguided loyalty. As their mental health deteriorates, the only way they can stay together is by embarking on an amoral course of vengeance.


In a capitalist dystopia, is your ideal partner your perfect accomplice?





Jack Gordon (Northern Soul; A Royal Night Out)

Rebecca Calder (Hatfields and McCoy; Clan of the Cave Bear)

Max Wrottesley (Silent Witness; Guardians of the Galaxy)


Writer & Director: Martin Stitt



  • Best Feature, Best Director, Best Actress – Unrestricted View Film Festival 

  • Best Foreign Feature – Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema 

  • Best Actress – European International Film Festival 

  • Best Actress – Cardiff Independent Film Festival 


'…a bold intimate study into the darker side of human nature'

The Daily Telegraph

‘Flawless performances… a fantastic story and a brilliant film’

Raindance Film Festival 


‘An intimate tale of love and revenge… utterly absorbing’ 


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