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A Slate of Psychological Thrillers 

In Development (2019)

We are developing a series of psychological thrillers based on the novels of celebrated author Michael Stewart.  These are intense, chilling stories set at the dramatic frontier where modern science and human life and love collide.  
Michael's series of bestselling thrillers are published by HarperCollins in the UK and USA and widely translated.

Michael Stewart is the author of a series of bestselling psychological thrillers, most published by HarperCollins in the UK and USA and widely translated.

"Stewart is the surgeon-general of medical thrillers” - Washington Post


"Stewart smoothly interweaves past and present, building suspense as skilfully as he builds characters" - Booklist on BELLADONNA


Neanderthal boy discovered in the wilds and brought to civilisation becomes a human like us but his primordial innocence turns to violence and deceit.



Teenage girl who has holy visions, then a virgin pregnancy, gets caught in the crossfire between the Church inquisition and her family doctor who knows the truth.



Sweet-natured 12-year-old boy has sudden, inexplicable fits of violence.He had a twin brother who died in infancy - but is actually living, and crying for help.


Brilliant young historian obsessed with the mysterious life and death of an enigmatic C17th alchemist brings back to life the vengeful spirit of his mistress.



Medical scientist genetically creates a prodigy daughter.When she discovers the truth of what he has done, her suppressed rage materialises in a physical human form.



New York socialite drawn into the world of a dead young model becomes ensnared in the bizarre erotic web which led to the girl’s horrific fate.



Man going blind undertakes a desperate experimental treatment, but it is being sabotaged by his 10-year-old son who believes his blindness is God’s punishment.


PRIMA (sequel to MONKEYSHINES)        

Original script set in the world of advanced primate research and biogenetics, following on from MONKEYSHINES, the feature film by George Romero based on Michael Stewart’s bestselling novel. 

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