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Us and Them

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Completed (2017)

Three rough and tumble British lads, intent on making a grand and brutish statement on economic inequality in the UK, use one upper crust family as their sacrificial lamb. When disenfranchised Danny (Jack Roth) confronts wealthy banker, Conrad (Tim Bentinck), he plans to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.


When daughter Philippa comes home with her supposed boyfriend, her parents are shocked to see he is from the “wrong” social class. They soon learn he is an imposter and thus begins this wild ride of a home invasion thriller. Tensions escalate as the intruders hold the family hostage and force the father to choose between wife and daughter in a game of Russian roulette. Danny’s seething anger is palpable and only countered by Conrad’s attitude toward privileged and entitlement. Briskly paced with wonderful acting, this well-crafted film is on the pulse of socio-political strife in the UK and reflects the current political unrest worldwide.




Jack Roth (Brimstone, The Great Train Robbery)

Tim Bentinck (The Game, The Royal Bodyguard)

Andrew Tiernan (The Pianist, 300 )

Sophie Colquhoun (The Royals, The Inbetweeners Movie)


Writer & Director: Joe Martin



  • South By Southwest 2017: Narrative Spotlight 

  • Filmfest Hamburg 2017:  Official Selection

  • Cinemagic Belfast 2017: Official Selection

  • Woodstock Film Festival 2017: Official Selection

  • British Independent Film Awards 2017: nominated for Best Editing

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