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Off The Reservation

In Development (2019)

Evan Gorgoni, a congressman, collapses on a family day out; when he regains consciousness, he is healthy but … different. His family and staff are bemused by the subtle change, which becomes increasingly noticeable during public appearances. When he uses a television interview to announce, out of the blue, that he will quit politics, many, including his wife, suspect that he is suffering some kind of breakdown. But on the contrary, he has never felt clearer or more certain before, and it shows. At the moment, when he is ready to give up on politics, he is buoyed up by a wave of grassroots support that goes viral and becomes a tsunami. Gradually, Evan embarks on a political campaign the like of which has never been seen, one led by instinct and integrity. Can he take this all the way to the White House?

Director: Jason Alexander


Writer: Glen Merzer

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