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Completed (2014)

August 1944 – two months after D-Day, the Allies are advancing across France.

A team of British and American commandos are dropped behind enemy lines on a secret mission to ambush a German Officer and steal maps charting the location of the enemy artillery along the front line. This vital intelligence could hold the key to dramatically shortening the war.

When the mission is compromised, the commandos must put aside their differences and fight their way back to the Allied front line. Hot on their heels is an entire German battalion, intent on capturing the soldiers and retrieving the stolen intelligence before they make it to safety.

Inspired by true events, ALLIES is an action-packed race for survival that sees a heroic band of brothers on a mission to end World War II.


Julian Ovenden (Downton Abbey, Foyles War)

Chris Reilly (Game Of Thrones, Silent Witness)

Werner Daehn (Valkyrie, Xxx)

Edmund Kingsley (Hugo, The Borgias) 



Dominic Burns



Jeremy Sheldon

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