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Balkan Spirit

Completed (2013)

Balkan Spirit explores the creative brilliance of a region too long associated with war and sectarian bitterness. Neither East nor West, this part of Europe brings a unique and vibrant energy to the arts world. Where did this cultural expression come from? Philosopher, Slavoj Zizek takes uson a journey with the people who know the Balkans like no other. American actress and director, Angelina Jolie explains her fascination and love of the contemporary Balkan arts scene. Serbian performance artist, Marina Abramovic, Turkish musicians, Baba Zula, and legendary director, Emir Kusturica describe how the Balkans’ troubled history has both inspired and fed its people’s creative thirst. Balkan Spirit is about passion, soul and the will to survive – and thrive.


ARTE – France & Germany (TV) – July 2013

Directed by: Hermann Vaske


Genre: Documentary

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